Bifurcated Axial

  • High Temperature
  • Motor Protection


  • Single and Two-Stage
  • Side-Channel
  • Large Range


Wall and Ceiling Fans 

  • Long Life Bearings
  • High Efficiency
  • Ultra Quiet


Adjustable Axial

  • High Volume Flow
  • Low Pressure Applications



  • Industrial Applications
  • Robust Design


Chimney Fans

  • Chimney Extraction
  • Speed Controller
  • Weatherproof

Heavy Duty Advanced Howden Donkin Fans

The Short Case Axial Series has a light-weight but robust construction and is designed for ducted systems. They feature a galvanised steel casing with a polyester epoxy finish and are capable of operating in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C.


Turblex with advanced technology offers three single-stage blower options that possess proven dual point control to maximise efficiency, with 30 percent or greater power savings over conventional positive displacement or multistage options. Combined with our downstream aeration systems expertise, Turblex offers not only your choice in efficient blower selection, but an additional 10-30 percent energy savings in downstream air flow control automation for truly efficient, operator-free aeration systems.


Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal, high pressure, single-inlet fans with sheet steel casing and straight blade impeller for transporting dust and solids


Centrifugal Fans:
Aerofoil range

Suitable for high flowrates from medium to low pressures, the aerofoil centrifugal fans operate all air and gas flows containing moderate amounts of erosive particles. Key features Backward-curved inclined aerofoil blades.High flow capacity.Design Temperature: Up to 350°C. Abrasion: Addition of wear plates.
Corrosion: Stainless steel optionavailable. Options Drive: electric motor, gear box, fluid coupling, steam turbine.
Flow control: box vane control, radial
vane control, frequency converter.
Silencer and acoustic lagging.
Control: bearing vibration, bearing


Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fans

High pressure, double inlet centrifugal fans with sheet steel casing and straight blade impeller, for
carrying dust and solids.


VariaxTM  Axial Flow Fan

These axial flow fans are used extensively in the Power industry, especially in situations where high volume, high pressure and precise flow control are required. They are used in Primary Air (PA fans), Forced Draught (FD fans), and Induced Draught (ID fans) positions and as Booster Fans in FGD and SCR boiler applications.