Air Emissions Monitoring

Stack emissions- quantities and gases produced


Furnaces- quantities and gases produced Incinerators

Illumination • Measure illumination in working places and along • travelling ways to assess compliance to acceptable standards Heat stress • Checking compliance to legal standards Noise survey • Checking noise level in relation to recommended standards The general body of the air • Checking compliance to legal standards


General Noise Level Survey to determine High Risk Noise Levels

NOISE MAPPING PRELIMINARY NOISE SURVEY • Detailed noise survey • Exposure and frequency of   workers to noise • Determine areas requiring       hearing protection • Determine effects of noise • Come up with control measures • Noise reduction rating • Classifying noise to come up       with control measures

Personal Noise Monitoring

Measured using noise dosimeter – measures personal exposure to noise. • Personal sampling • Specific information on noise level at each employee s’ work station • Spot monitoring

Heat Stress Monitoring

• Heat tolerant testing • Heat index • Determine sources of heat • Administrative control measures • Acclimization • For continuous light, moderate and heavy work in Zimbabwe limits are 30 •c, 26.7 •c and 25 •c respectively. • PPE requirements • Information and training related to heat stress monitoring • Recommendation on hygiene practices.

Pressure survey

Barometric pressure Static, velocity and total pressure Pressure analysis- to assess system resistance Checking pressure at drilling machines Checking compressed air