Mine Ventilation Doors

American Mine Doors have two main door designs available for the Mining Industry, a high-pressure door that has been used around the world for over
50 years and a new low pressure door. Our “low pressure” doors are a lighter design and economically priced for less demanding applications. They also offer popular Personnel Man Doors.

High Pressure Door

Using a proven and simple design, our “high-pressure” door packages are typically used in high water gauge situations with high traffic requirements.
American Mine Doors calculates the amount of force placed upon the proposed door, using water gauge, height, and width to determine the amount of torque. Once we determine the amount of force (the more surface area and the higher the water gauge, the more force required to open and close the door), we advise each customer on proposed door

Low Pressure Door

To fulfill a need from our customers, American Mine Doors designed a “low pressure” package that allows us to cover a greater range of applications for our customers. This door package is typically smaller in width and height from our “high-pressure” doors, with less water gauge pressures. Our “low-pressure” door package was designed using less materials, narrower wing panels, and smaller frames – making this door lighter in weight and less costly. The same design principle is used for both our door packages. These door packages can
be operated with air or hydraulics, or also be manually operated, and can be controlled with custom PLC solutions.

Personnel Man Doors

Three designs of standalone personnel man doors are available from American Mine Doors.
Each has unique features to suit your mines
specific needs.
– Opposing swing man door
– Concave man door
– Sliding man door