Real-time (data) monitoring is the delivery of continuously updated information. It employs the use of applications and tools that track and record continuous snapshots of the mine’s overall performance. It involves collecting and monitoring data periodically throughout a mine. From this data, Mining personnel analyse system performance, flag anomalies, and resolve issues that appear mine wide.

At AES, we believe an efficient mining operation depends heavily on the availability of information.  The most effective operations are the ones that successfully disseminate the right information to the people who need it quickly, accurately, and affordably.  Therefore, we decided that one of our objectives is to provide the most practical real-time monitoring technologies for the mining industry.


Reactive Monitoring vs. Proactive Monitoring: Reactive monitoring is a reaction to triggers that signal an event has occurred. By comparison, proactive monitoring applies monitoring data without requiring a trigger event. In this approach, a monitoring tool can predict problems.


Collecting real-time monitoring data helps Mine Personnel to immediately evaluate and react to current events in the Mining environment. Moreover, mine can log and track real-time data over time to identify trends and better recognize abnormalities that fall outside set parameters of system and application behaviour. This is known as trend monitoring.

  1. Incident response time – when an incident happens, the real-time alerting allows for faster incident response. It is important for the organization to resolve incidents as soon as they arise, however big or small they appear to be. Monitoring the system in real time can help catch these incidents as soon as they occur and respond immediately. Faster incident response means faster mitigation, which means less loss to the company.
  2. Employee productivity – Monitoring the system can increase employee productivity. For example, using real-time monitoring to optimize the mine system performance can enable the teams to collaborate with colleagues more efficiently.
  3. Cost savings – Up-to-date knowledge on how the system is being used can ultimately save you money. You can gain a bird’s-eye view of the exact technology and support you need. An optimized system can also help you make money.

We at AES, we provide Real-time monitoring solutions tailored to your needs, as we have the goal of tracking system activities, improving the system we would have implored as we identify potential problems as soon as they arise. Every mine, regardless of size, can benefit from monitoring their system in real time.