Ventilation Design for Operational Mine

  • Ventilation volumetric determination
  • Intake airways design
  • Return airways design
  • Ventilation Standards to comply with the relevant company standards and legal requirements
  • Air changes
  • Auxiliary fan (Secondary Ventilation)
  • Primary Ventilation System

Ventilation Design For new Mines

  • The general planning of the ventilation of a mine
  • Planning for ventilation control in case of a fan break-break down or fires.
  • Giving advice on blasting times and re-entry intervals.
  • Ordering and issue of ventilation equipment
  • Determining intakes (down casts) airways through which fresh air pass.
  • Determine the mine working areas
  • Determine the up casts airways through which contaminated air passes after ventilating working areas of the mine.
  • Determining the size of shafts, Calculation of volume of air required in relation 10 size/column size